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Stretch Film

Preferred Plastics & Packaging Co proudly supplies packaging equipment nationwide, which includes stretch film. From New York to California, we have you covered. We have different varieties of hand stretch film, machine film, color film and pre-stretch film. Protect your products during transport with any one of our quality stretch film. 

For further information about any of our products, contact us today. We will gladly assist you with any questions you may have about our variety of available films.

Types of Stretch Films

There are various types of stretch film available that come with their own uses and applications. Knowing your business and how you will use the film can greatly benefit the efficiency and production of you and your employees. We carry a wide selection of stretch film, such as:

These stretch films have different uses and benefits. Some may be easier to use in different work settings than others. Knowing the benefits of stretch film and its various uses can help determine which type is best for your exact applications.

Easiwrap Stretch Film

And for those interested, Easiwrap stretch film is a uniquely pre-programmed stretch film like no other and takes out the human error of hand stretch film. All you need to do is to wrap your pallet twice and let this pre-programmed film do the rest of the work. Easiwrap will shrink up to 30% after being applied, which will give you a tight force to load. Also demonstrating load containment comparable to that of machine applications. And it can potentially cut down your labor by as much as 50%. This is noteworthy, since labor is more expensive than the stretch film you buy and use to wrap the pallet.

Easiwrap product characteristics provide our customers with numerous benefits. Its characteristics includes: nick proof technology (no waste), puncture-resistant (reduces breaking, caring and puncture migration) (eliminates propagation of puncture through the full web of the film). Easiwrap will cut down on product damage in transit (100% elasticity simulating a giant bungee cord). It is a great item to make your business a more productive place. It has great versatility and can be used differently for many applications. We aim for great customer service and by providing you with all the options we hope you find the products and materials that are perfect for your specific tasks.

Know Your Gauges 

In addition to the various types of stretch film, they are also available in several different gauges. Before purchasing stretch film, be sure to know which gauge (thickness) of material will work best for your application. Using the correct stretch film will help protect your products during transport, or anywhere else in the process from factory to consumer.

You will probably need a heavier gauge film if you are bundling several items together, especially if they are heavy or if the product could possibly become unwound. Whether merchandise is wrapped by hand or machine, some items commonly wrapped with stretch film include beverages, canned goods, buckets of paint, carpets, rugs, mirrors, chairs, and tires.

Nationwide Supplier of Stretch Film

We have offices across the United States that provide clients with the best prices for their stretch film. Here are our office locations:

  • 1 Cory Rd.
    Morristown, New Jersey 07960
  • 6A Fitzgerald Ave
    Monroe Township, New Jersey 08831
  • 40-1 Aero Rd.
    Bohemia, New York 11716
  • 940 Columbia Ave. 
    Riverside, California 92507 
  • Cleveland, Ohio
    (440) 725-0469
  • 906 E 6th Ave
    Emporia, Kansas 66801
  • 8101 Tristar Dr.
    Irving, Texas 75063

Many shipping and packaging companies in the United States trust Preferred Plastics & Packaging. Make the decision to buy stretch filn from us today.