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Easiwrap Stretch Film

New York & New Jersey Supplier of Easiwrap Stretch Film

Preferred Plastics & Packaging Co has a great selection of various stretch film that many industries across the country utilize on a daily basis. One of our highest quality products is Easiwrap. This is a unique pre-programmed stretch film like no other in the industry and acts more like shrink film. Buy in bulk and save when you turn to Preferred Plastics & Packaging.

What is Stretch Film?

Stretch film, or stretch wrap, is a plastic material that is tightly wrapped around products and bound items. This material is typically used to keep large items from separating from each other. However, this film can be used to bind any size and number of items. This packaging supplement is often made from linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). This stretch film can be applied to items by hand or machine allowing for versatility during packaging and production.

Here are some features Easiwrap presents:

  • Shrinks up to 30% after applied
  • 100% elasticity and snap back
  • Puncture resistance
  • Nick proof
  • Meets all health and safety issues

Easiwrap Stretch Film Specifications

Our Easiwrap stretch film products are a technology breakthrough in the stretch film industry. It eliminates waste by taking the human error out of the use of hand stretch film. Easiwrap is the only pre-programmed stretch film that can potentially cut your labor by as much as 50%! Labor is more expensive than the stretch film you use to wrap your pallet with, so this seems like a no-brainer!


  • EASI WRAP 18" X 1500'
  • MPS TENSIONER FILM 15" X 1500'
  • MPS TENSIONER FILM 18" X 1000'
  • SPEED WRAP 20" X 1500'
  • ULTRA MEG 15" X 1500'
  • EASI WRAP TOP STRAP 5" X 1000' 
  • SUPER STRETCH 20" X 39 GAUGE X 9000'
  • SUPER STRETCH 20" X 44 GAUGE X 9000'
  • SUPER STRETCH 20" X 51 GAUGE X 9000'
  • SUPER STRETCH 20" X 60 GAUGE X 8000'
  • SUPER STRETCH 20" X 70 GAUGE X 6000'
  • SUPER STRETCH 20" X 80 GAUGE X 6000'


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Preferred Plastics is a trusted Packaging Equipment Company for New York and New Jersey as well as across the country. We specialize in many different types of packaging equipment for industries across the country. We have a great selection of stretch films for sale that many shipping and packaging companies around the US use.

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