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Easiwrap Film


Posted On: April 22, 2016
Posted On: February 10, 2016


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Apr 22, 2016

At  Preferred Plastics & Packaging we strive to meet the highest standards in product development. We bring you the state-of-the-art in packaging materials and packaging equipment. Our Easiwrap stretch film products are a technology breakthrough in the stretch film industry. Just wrap your pallet twice and let this pre-programmed film do the work.  Easiwrap will shrink up to 30% after applied giving you a tight force to load, demonstrating load containment comparable to that of machine applications. Easiwrap is the only pre-programmed stretch film that will potentially cut your labor as much as 50% (labor is more expensive than the stretch film you use to wrap your pallet with).

Easiwrap product characteristics provide our customers with unprecedented value proposition. Easiwrap characteristics include: nick proof technology (no waste), puncture resistant (reduces breaking, caring and puncture migration) (eliminates propagation of puncture through the full web of the film).  Easiwrap will cut down on product damage in transit (100% elasticity simulating a giant bungee cord)

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