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Paper Goods

Preferred Plastics and Packaging has a great selection of paper goods in stock. Among our selection of goods includes household paper towels, toilet tissue paper, center pull towels, c-fold towels, multi-fold towels and more! Perfect for commercial use across the country. Check out what we have in stock.

Bounty Kitchen Household Roll Towels

30 Rolls / 44 Sheets

Center Pull Towels

White 6 rolls / 600 sheets

C-Fold Towels Basic

Pure White 2400 per case

C-Fold Towels Premium

Georgia Pacific 2400 per case

C-Fold Towels Professional

Kimberly Clarke 2400 per case

Household Kitchen Roll Towels Basic

30 Rolls / 85 Sheets

Jumbo Junior Toilet Tissue

9" Tissue 12 rolls / 800 sheets / 2 ply.  Available 1 ply or 2 ply.

Kraft Machine Rolls Towels

Hardwound 8" / 350' / 12 rolls per case

Multi Fold Towels

Pure White Basic 400 per case

Toilet Tissue Basic

96 rolls / 500 sheets / 2 ply

Toilet Tissue Premium

80 Rolls / 500 sheets / 2 ply

White Machine Roll Towels

Hardwound 8" Available 350' / 600' / 800'

White Proprietary Machine Roll Towels

Hardwound 10" / 6 rolls / 800' per roll

For more information about all of the materials we have available, please contact us today. We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding our paper goods for sale. Many businesses buy our paper goods products line to use on a daily basis. Order wholesale and save some money!