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Filament Tape & Pressure-Sensitive Materials For Sale

Preferred Plastics & Packaging is a nationwide supplier of quality industrial tape, such as filament tape that are great for a variety of industrial uses. We are a large supplier to companies in the New York and New Jersey area, but we also ship nationwide. We aim to be your trusted supplier of all industrial packaging products.

What is Filament Tape?

Known as a “pressure-sensitive” material, filament tape is often found wrapped around large boxes or bundles. You have likely seen this tape around boxes holding heavy appliances or electronics such as air conditioners or microwaves. The application of this banding (also called strapping tape) is widespread throughout the packaging industry. Filament tape is highly effective for bundling several packages or boxes, especially when there is a pile on a pallet.

Heavy loads and poor/weak box construction may also require the use of strips or bands of filament tape to boost the strength of the box. There are a variety of strengths and adhesive formulations that are available for use, as there are many different applications for this sort of tape. It can be applied manually with a dispenser or, in its more popular form, applied with a hand-held tape dispenser. Learn more about filament tape and how it works before moving forward with any purchase.

Filament Tape Supplier

Preferred Plastics & Packaging has years of experience providing clients with high-quality filament tapes for their industrial needs. For more information about the industrial tapes we have in stock, then please contact us today. The number to call is 973-759-1510. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding our line of products. We have mainly headquartered in New York and New Jersey, but proudly serve customers throughout the country.