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Shrink Films / Bags / Food Films Product Category

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Industrial Packaging Products For Sale

Preferred Plastics & Packaging is a nationwide distributor of industrial packaging equipment and supplies. We are a company that was founded in 1983 and has progressively gotten bigger and better over the years. Now we are a trusted name in the industrial packaging field and ship our supplies and equipment to customers across the country. We offer a great selection of supplies and equipment that are useful for many who need and rely on shipping and packaging. Shrink films, stretch film, bubble cushioning wrap and food films are just a few of the very useful products in our inventory. Please browse through our website to find out more about all we offer our customers. 

Industrial Packaging DistributorCategories Of Our Supplies

We have a motto: Our products . . . protecting your products. That is because we trust all of our products to perform admirably when used. And we have an extensive selection of items that cover all sorts of aspects for those shipping out products. The industrial packaging categories on are site are as followed:

  • Palletizing / Stretch Film / Strapping
  • Shrink Films / Bags / Food Films
  • Carton Sealing / Industrial / Specialty
  • Janitorial / Maintenance
  • Padpak / Bubble / Foam / In-The-Box Packaging
  • Packaging Equipment
  • Labels / Label Applicators / Bar Code & Marking Systems

By offering our customers a variety of items, we hope they find the category that best fits their needs.

Nationwide Industrial Packaging Supplier

Preferred Plastics & Packaging has been serving those in the shipping community for years and provides industrial packaging equipment and supplies that are both quality and affordable. Though we are located in New York and New Jersey, we are a nationwide distributor. Get the best in packaging at affordable prices!

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So please, for more information about the packaging equipment we have for sale, please reach out to to us today. We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have about the selection of products we have in stock. The number to call is 973-759-1510. Many of our industrial packaging items can be purchased at low, wholesale rates. When you reach out, you may request a quote on many of the products we have in stock.