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Industrial Packaging Equipment Supplier

Ensuring the safety of shipped packaging can oftentimes be out of your hands. A lot can happen during the transportation of items and equipment, but if your products are packaged well, then perhaps you can avoid costly damages. At Preferred Plastics & Packaging of NJ, we aim to provide only the best packaging equipment for industrial purposes and do so at an affordable rate. Through our years of service, we have become your trusted supplier of industrial packaging equipment. We may be located primarily in New York and New Jersey, but we ship nationwide for your convenience. 

Quality Industrial Packaging Equipment

Industrial Packaging Equipment SupplierDon't be cheap and purchase unreliable packaging products. In our inventory, we have a diverse selection of products for you to choose from that will get your shipments to their destination safely and without incident. Our shrink films and bags are great for bundling items that may otherwise not be safe to ship together. Shore up the safety of pallets and avoid them from tilting in transport.

Our shrink bags are great for medical purposes, as they can conveniently ship pills or other items without the fear of them opening up. And the food films seal in outside contaminants allowing for the item to arrive fresh and ready for sale. Become a more efficient worker by not losing profit with our quality shrink packaging.

Top Of The Line Products

As a NJ distributor of a wide assortment of industrial packaging equipment, we offer our customers the best. For extra durability in the shipment of medical supplies, carton sealing may be the way to go. This sort of packaging offers a little more protection than the shrink wrap, and the plastic is hard and not soft. This harder plastic will protect whatever it is you are shipping from being damaged from a collision with another item or a fall. It could even prevent damage if a heavier item falls on it, but there are limits to that sort of capability. However, for many types of shipments, carton sealing delivers the product safely without any damage.

Wholesale Ordering Available

Preferred Plastics & Packaging of NJ has years of experience in the field and ships industrial packaging equipment to clients nationwide. For more information about our packaging equipment and other supplies, please contact us today. We have locations in New York and New Jersey, as well as Ohio, but we ship nationwide! Having a trusted, go-to company for packaging products can be a benefit to businesses and offices across the country. Please give us a call today at 973-759-1510. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about the various packaging equipment that we supply.