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Steel Strapping Supplier

Steel strapping is also known as bundling and banding and steel is a popular application in the process. In general, the process of applying strap to an item is to combine, stabilize, hold, reinforce or fasten the product. The packaging industry is a commonplace to see this type of process done.

Preferred Plastics & Packaging provides steel strapping for customers across the country. Our aim is to ensure that all of your packaging needs are met. We offer a great selection of packaging materials and supplies. So please reach out today to find out more about our pricing and inventory.

Steel Strapping Applications

Safely transporting and securing products with strapping is an important aspect for many different industries. There are a few different uses of steel strapping that employs a few methods to ensure optimal results when shipping.

  • Bundling: There is the convenience and simplicity of bundling items together for handling and shipment purposes, such as pipes, lumber, concrete, etc. Newspapers are also bundled and shipped using strap.

  • Attachment: Strap is also used to attach items to pallets, skids, and crates, to ensure the products are properly secured and fastened during transport. Similarly, strapping can be used to hold bales of agricultural products or textiles, like bales of hay.

  • Reinforcement: Strapping also encompasses the reinforcement of boxes and crates to minimize movement of the products, as well as securing a unit load of bricks, packaged glass metal parts, etc. Anything that is possibly fragile or can damage other products if loosely shipped, like securing coils of steel.  

Steel strapping is a material that is greatly beneficial to many industries around the country. Due to its various uses, it can be used how you see fit. However, in recent years, poly strapping has become a popular option too. We also sell poly strapping materials in case that is what you were looking for.

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