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Slip Sheets For Packaging & Shipping

Preferred Plastics and Packaging has a great selection of palletizing and stretch films, including the distribution of slip sheets that can be shipped to clients around the country. Slip sheets are a popular packaging item that are used in various industries. We have distribution centers in New York, New Jersey, Ohio and California, giving us the ability to easily ship nationwide. So please, give us a call today to learn more about our selection of packaging materials.

What Are Slip Sheets?

But what are slip sheets? Well, they help packaged bundled products stay together during transportation, which makes them important to many in the shipping industry. And they offer each user with an array of useful benefits. Lift trucks and fork lifts will load and unload materials on pallets and these sheets can slip on the bottom to ensure optimal safety. They can also be used to separate different products on a pallet. They essentially work by not letting friction from the floor or other stacked and organized products to slow down the storage process. And they are extra useful when moving heavy or fragile object.

Different Types of Slip Sheets

There are several types of slip sheets which are used in the transportation of a unit load, which is all dependent on the actual use of the sheet. The size of the product or unit loads determines exactly how the slip sheet is shaped and dimensioned and the type of slip sheet ultimately depends on the number of lip extensions and the material from which it is manufactured.

Slip Sheets SupplierThese variations depend on a few factors:

  • Loading patterns
  • Unit load parameters
  • Desired maneuverability of the slip sheet/unit load

Below is a brief description for the two different lips when it comes to your slip sheets.

Single Lip

With a single lip, the lip faces the narrow part of the unit load and the delivery truck door. The variation with the slip sheet will maximize the delivery truck's space when loading and unloading, which in turn makes the driver a more productive worker. Also, the travel path clearance is minimized, since the lip faces the unit load carrier. 


This type of slip sheet is used generally on a container that is placed onto a railroad car or ocean delivery vehicle. This is due to the necessary loading and unloading patterns faced in these situations. A multi-lip sheet allows a loading device to load the slip sheet unit load from a particular side and the unloading device to unload the load from another side. All of this depends on the number and pattern of the remaining lips.

Getting the slip sheets that you need is important. We have variations and customization available for our products to ensure that they work up to your standards. 

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Preferred Plastics and Packaging of NY and NJ has years of experience in the industry and ships to outlets across the country. Shipping safety is an important aspect of any business that ships out products. With our selection of slip sheets, you will have the peace of mind that you deserve.

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