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Quik-Tak Gold Tape

Quik-Tak Gold Tape

Do Less, Save More
With Quik-Tak Gold Tape

Do you or your company use carton-sealing tape? If the answer is yes, then you have to try Quik-Tak Gold tape. Brand New from Quik-Tac, this superior tape will save you time and money. The superior adhesive properties of Quik-Tak Gold tape allows it to seal even the stubbornest of box sides with just one strip of tape. No more wasting pressure-sensitive tape to seal a box when all you need is to apply one strip down the fold of a box and two over it to ensure that your box will stay sealed.

How often have you sealed a box only to return with the box lid popped back open? If this has happened more than once then you are using an inferior tape. The new Quik-Tak Gold will adhere instantly to any corrugated, paper, or film surface saving you and your company time and resources. If you look close enough, you can even see it bonding with the surface you have applied it to.

Quik-Tak Gold Tape is a noiseless water-based acrylic adhesive so no more tearing noises. It is available in Clear coloring and in two or three-inch widths. With a length of 110 yards per roll, it can be used for multiple boxing scenarios. With a thickness of 2.3 mils and a tensile strength strong enough to hold 28lbs Quik-Tac Gold can handle most of your taping needs.

Quik-Tak – Gold Premium Hybrid Adhesive


  •  Ultra-Premium grade at economy pricing
  •   Excellent “Wet Tack” adhesion for high recycled content corrugated boxes
  •  Sets up quickly to short fiberboard
  •  Silent/Noiseless release with great cold temperature adhesion at no extra charge
  •  Excellent barcode scanning clarity
  •  Various widths and lengths available


A biaxial oriented polypropylene film with an aggressive U.V. resistant hybrid acrylic adhesive. Resistant to U.V. light, chemicals. Silent “noiseless” release with a high tack adhesive

Tape thickness, total mils 2.3 Shear, ½” x 1” – KG, min . 500+
Tensile Strength, lbs/in width 28lb. min. Box hold test, hours, 1/2”x1” 500+
Elongation, percent 150 %max. Adhesion to Steel 27 oz./in width
Holding Power to Fiberboard (1” x 1” x 1kg) Shear on cardboard 23C 6000+ minutes

Contact Preferred Plastics & Packaging

So please, do not hesitate to reach out to use today to learn more about about variety of Quik Tak tapes and dispensers available. Check out our full selection to see what is available. Here is how to get in touch with us:

Ray Martinez, Product Manager Tape
(973) 759-1510

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