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Packaging Supplies Nationwide

Preferred Plastics and Packaging Co. is a trusted supplier of quality packaging supplies and equipment. Our main headquarters is located in New Jersey and much of our business in completed for customer in the NYC tri-state area, but we ship all of our products nationwide and do so at an affordable rate. Our packaging equipment will provide you with a comfort, knowing that the transport of your product will arrive safely.

Packaging Supplies Benefits

There are quite a few benefits and advantages that come with having superior packaging supplies. All boxes are not "one size fits all," so it is imperative to have the best materials on hand to adhere to the certain packaging conditions in front of you. Try all you want to find that perfect box, you will likely still have space that needs to be filled, otherwise your item is going to be bouncing all over the place. In these cases, you'll need something to cushion the objects. Bubble wrap, foam packaging, and packing peanuts are all viable options.

Oftentimes it is the smaller items that you run into issues packaging. Too large for an envelope, too small for box. And smaller items are quite prone to scratching, breaking or denting and can easily fall and break. A high quality padded envelope will do the job in this instance. And one step above a padded envelope is carton sealing the item. This protects the package/item by enveloping it in a hard plastic container. This is perhaps the surest way to ship smaller items.

Quality Packaging Supplies & Equipment

For the most advanced shipping distributor, it may be more beneficial to invest in quality packaging equipment. This way you can manufacture your own shipping supplies. You would now longer rely on another company or supplier to gather the necessary supplies to ship. You can replenish your inventory on your own.

One of the great benefits of having your own equipment is the fact you become your own boss on the matter. If you are running low on items and a distributor is late on getting new materials to you, you run the risk of losing money. Increase productivity for your business and ensure you are always fully supplied with the materials you need to ship products out. 

Packaging Supplies for Customers Across the County

Whatever packaging supplies or equipment you need, Preferred Plastics and Packaging Company has you covered. We are located in New York and New Jersey, but we ship nationwide for your convenience. We have years of experience in the industry and provide our products are great, affordable prices. Many of the items we stock are available at whole pricing.

For more information about how our products might be right for your packaging needs, please contact one of our offices today. The number to call is 973-759-1510. We will gladly assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about any of our products and various packaging supplies.