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Label Applicators for Sale

Among the many great packaging equipment we have for sale are label applicators and dispensers. Nearly all consumer goods and pharmaceutical products come with a label on the container or packaging. So having an label applicator and dispenser that works effectively is important and speed up the packaging line. And depending on the volume of the labeling workload, this also saves you money.

Label ApplicatorLabel machines have a wide range of functions and features and can apply stickers from any position. Top, side, bottom, you name it! And have it fit your specific requirements. For more information about this piece of packaging equipment for sale, please contact us today. We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have about any packaging machinery and equipment. So please, do not hesitate to reach out today for the best label applicators and dispensers on the market!

Types of Label Applicators

A label applicator is a machine that manually or automatically applies printed tags and labels to products, items, containers, you name it! In general, there are three common types of label dispensers. Learn more about this packaging equipment. They offer each user with some great benefits! So be sure to utilize them to their full capacity!

Manual Label Dispenser

Primarily for small business use and light-duty tasks. To use a manual dispenser, you will need to pull a liner round the platter. This makes sure the tag is peeled. They are relatively slow and may lead to sticker waster.

Automatic Label Dispenser

When you have heavy volumes of labeling to do, this is your machine! Better than the semi-automatic in terms of quickly handling a workload. This machine will save time, labor and money. On top of all that, you need fewer workers to complete the job with this dispenser.

Semi-Automatic Label Dispenser

The most common label dispenser you will find. This is due in large part to their flexibility. They simply can perform a wider range of functions when compared to the manual and automatic dispensers.

Hand Held Applicators

This is a device that dispenses a label when you press a button or level while simultaneously rolling over the product packaging. This is the most affordable option of the bunch and easiest to use. They offer portability, which is great if you need to work in multiple areas throughout the course of the day. While still offering moderate speed. And the built-in spring load pressure arm makes sure the labels are firmly pressed without wrinkles. Great for any industry.

So in a nutshell, label dispensers and applicators offers many great benefits. They reduce labor costs, lower worker fatigue, prevents label waste, are cost effective, and easy to use and maintain. Many different industries use these machines, since they are perfect for a variety of labeling tasks. We have many great label applicators for sale. Check out our selection today! And simply choose the one that works best for your applications!