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Eco Shrink Wrap

One of the materials we use to create eco shrink wrap is polyolefin. It is a great material to use and is recyclable, which is what makes it an eco-friendly material. We are a nationwide distributor of packaging supplies and materials and our eco shrink wrap is in demand. This wrap is great for packaging and shipping applications. By using it properly, you make shipping and packaging safer and easier.

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Eco Shrink Wrap Features

The polyolefin eco shrink wrap we sell offers a wide range of benefits and some wonderful features that make it a top-of-the-line shrink wrap. Though it is recyclable, it does not affect its performance. Polyolefin is a multilayered film that is versatile enough to perform on all sealing systems and shrink tunnels. Let's take a look at some of the features that makes polyolefin an eco-shrink wrap that everyone wants.

Seals Fast

This is fast-sealing film that allows for short dwell times that will maximize production and increase plant efficiency. The product being wrapped is protected from the rigors of high-speed packaging and shipping. This is due to the consistently strong seals and exceptional tensile strength.


Polyolefin uses a premium resin formulation, which creates a very strong seal. This shrink wrap also offers a high strength shrink force, which makes it ideal for many multi-packing projects and simplifies unitizing products.

High Yield Film

Polyolefin offers users superior machinability, clarity and, most importantly, cost savings.

Minimal Shrink Force

This eco shrink wrap offers minimal shrink force, which makes it the go-to choice for lightweight and/or thin packages. Use it also for light force applications, such as for use with printers, bakeries, cosmetics and software.

High Slip

A high slip ensures easier material handling, collating and package insertion. This makes our eco shrink wrap perfect for computer software, labels, DVDs and more.

High Percentage of Shrinkage

This shrink wrap offers an exceptionally high percentage of shrinkage, which ensures that the film conforms to the package. It also provides a "wrinkle free" aesthetic.