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Wholesale Duct & Cloth Tapes Supplier

Preferred Plastics and Packaging has a great selection of industrial and packaging supplies for sale, which includes duct and cloth industrial tapes. We specialize in selling packaging and shipping supplies, but we also have a great selection of supplies for industrial and commercial applications. This includes our selection of duct and cloth tapes. It is not recommended to use duct and cloth tapes for shipping and packaging, but here are some of the most popular industrial uses for them:

  • utility and medium grade
  • contractors grade
  • HVAC
  • aisle marking
  • carpet
  • gaffers
  • asbestos abatement

With our selection of tapes available, we make it easy for many businesses and shipping companies to buy the supplies they need. We make packaging and shipping simple and easy. And also affordable! Get duct and cloth tapes for sale at wholesale prices when you turn to Preferred Plastics & Packaging!

Benefits of Duct Tape

Duct tape got its name since it was first used to repair and seal the ductwork in home heating and cooling systems. However, it has expanded for use in many fields. Duct tape is a durable tape that is great for many industrial and commercial applications. It has a sturdy backing that resists water and is a go-to for repairs and fixes. The automotive industry and contractors use this tape to help with a variety of jobs. And it is great for fixing air ducts and leaky water pipes, so HVAC workers and plumbers love this tape, too.

Duct tape is known for its strength. It is made of three layers. The bottom layer is a strong, rubber-based adhesive. The middle layer is a web of cloth fabric, which add durability to the tape. And the top layer is a soft, waterproof plastic. When put together, you get duct tape! A great tool for many industries.

Even though it is strong, it is easily torn by hand. This is a feature, not a bug. Due to the easy ability to hand-rip the tape, it makes for a great tool when it comes to repairs since you can quickly rip off a piece of tape without the help of anyone else.

Duct and Cloth Tapes NOT For Shipping Purposes

Many mailing services simply do not accept duct tape as a form of package wrapping. It simply does not have the structure to hold cardboard together since it does not stick to cardboard efficiently enough. That is due to cardboard being a porous surface and tiny fiber exist on it. These fiber cause the duct tape to pull away from the cardboard, which results in a failing adhesive. So it does not hold up in transit. If you are looking for tape to use for shipping purposes, look no further than our selection of carton sealing tapes. This tape adheres great to cardboard and is safe for shipping purposes.

Wholesale Duct and Cloth Tapes for Sale

Preferred Plastics and Packaging does more than just shipping and packaging supplies, as seen by our sale of duct and cloth tapes for sale. These tapes are not meant for shipping products, but rather for industrial and commercial applications. Many industries use these tapes on a daily basis, as they provide a great amount of benefits when utilized properly.

So please, do not hesitate to reach out today to learn more. The number for our office is 973-759-1510. When you call, we can provide you with a consultation to go over all of the supplies in our inventory. And with our wholesale ordering available, you can buy cloth and duct tapes for sale in bulk. And do so within your budget.