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Strapping Systems for Packaging & Shipping Industry

Nationwide Distributor of Packaging Equipment

Strapping systems are vital for those in the shipping or packaging industry, or part of any industry where shipping is required. In general, a strapping system is a method of packaging goods by using bands of flat steel or plastic tightened around a package or pallet of goods. And then fastening them together in order to properly secure the products.

Getting products and materials to their destination safely is paramount in keeping any customer base happy and the proper use of strapping systems is one way to get the job done right. If you are in need of updated strapping systems and materials, then you are in luck! We are a nationwide distributor and provide steel strap to businesses and companies from coast to coast. 

So please, do not hesitate to reach out and learn more about all that we offer. The number to dial is 973-759-1510. When you call, we can provide you with a free quote and consultation. Get the most for your money when you buy strapping systems from Preferred Plastics & Packaging!

What Are Strapping Systems?

Strapping systems utilize strap materials, such as steel strapping and strapping tape to make shipping and packaging systems safer. In general, there are a few different types of strapping systems packaging companies use, such as automatic strapping systems, which are high-performance methods of packaging goods. How this works is that the system feeds bundles into the arch via a conveyor belt and each machine is completely automated with sensors that activate with each package's strapping and sealing process.

Strap is a flexible flat material that is most commonly made from steel or other plastics. Steel is the oldest and highest tensile strength strapping system. This makes it the most popular form. Strapping is also known as banding or bundling. Essentially it is the process of applying strap to an item. The application of steel strapping provides a few different functions, such as:

  • Stabilizing
  • Combining
  • Holding
  • Reinforcing
  • Fastening

Using strap is a common procedure in the packaging industry, because it helps make sure the deliveries arrive safely. Nobody wants a broken package or shipment. When you turn to Preferred Plastics, you can trust the product you are purchasing! Get the materials you need for your strapping systems and see an improvement in your workplace efficiency.

Uses For Strapping Systems

If we are being honest here, steel has been around since ancient times, which is a long time if you ask me. Today, steel is one of the most recycled materials on earth and is a popular material for many in the packaging industry. But aside from being used for strapping systems, steel is commonly found in many consumer products, infrastructure, and transportation. Bridges, tall buildings, automobiles, appliances, pipeline systems, and space exploration vehicles are just some of the applications. 

The steel strapping materials we supply are of the highest quality. There are various uses and applications that span many different industries across the country, but using steel and strapping it has become a very popular option. It helps to secure packaging and pallets, so nothing gets damaged during transportation. Many companies rely on strapping systems on a daily basis.


There are a few great benefits to using strapping systems on a daily basis. One of the biggest benefits users see is the increased efficiency. This is due to the ability of the strapping machines to speed up the packaging process, which makes it more efficient and productive.

Another key benefit is how it improves the safety of the workplace by reducing the risk of injuries caused by manual strapping. Keep employees safe with the proper utilization of a strapping machine.

Lastly, strapping machines can help businesses save money by reducing labor costs and minimizing the need for additional equipment. So its use in the workplace is a money-saver for many businesses.

Types of Strapping Systems

For those using strapping systems, there are different types of strapping systems available. Some common types of strapping systems include automatic strapping systems, semi-automatic strapping systems, and handheld strapping systems.

Automatic Strapping Systems

An auto strapping system is a high-performance method of packaging goods that feeds bundles into the arch via a conveyor belt. Each of these machines are fully automated with sensors that activate each package's strapping and sealing process. Many of the best systems can dispense up to 65 straps per minute and do so in a smooth motion that seals and cuts the strap to your exact measurements.

Semi-Automatic Strapping System

These machines are only semi-automatic because they require an operator in order to place the product that needs be strapped on the machine table. Once the item is placed, then a band is placed around the product and it gets manually placed into the slot in order to begin the strapping cycle. This machine will pull the strapping band tightly around the product and seal the ends of the strap. Once complete, the machine automatically cuts the strap to finish the process.

Handheld Strapping Systems

A handheld strapping system is like it says in the name. It is small enough to be held in one's hand and easy to operate. To operate this sort of machine, manually loop the strapping around the pallet, product, or parcel. Once it is fully looped, user then feeds both ends into the strapping machine. One must pull the lever on the machine to tighten and tension the strap. And since it is handheld, you can use it vertically or horizontally with adjustable tension strength.

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