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Palletizing / Stretch Film / Strapping

Palletizing / Stretch Film / Strapping

Hand film, machine film, color tinted film, and much more. In addition to the various types of stretch film, they are also available in several different gauges. Before purchasing stretch film, be sure to know which gauge (thickness) of material will work best for your application. Using the correct stretch film will help protect your products during transport, or anywhere else in the process from factory to consumer.

Slip sheets, top sheets and edge boards are important items in order to ensure a safe shipment. A lot can happen when delivering products on pallets. But with our quality supplies, you will be ready for anything.

Easiwrap stretch film is a unique product and eliminates waste by taking the human error out of the use of hand stretch film. It may be a product worth considering. Check out our assortment of stretch film, strapping tape and other packaging equipment below. 

Preferred Plastics is a trusted Packaging Equipment Company for New York and New Jersey as well as across the country. We specialize in other types of packaging equipment, which includes strapping and wrapping items. For further information about any of our packaging equipment, contact us today.